French eating habits
that can be useful for everyone

The French don't snack.

By and large, adults don't eat between meals. Food has a defined time and place (three meals a day, plus coffee and cigarettes). The kids get an afternoon gouter each day after school, and the adults might join them on the weekends.

Herbal tea can curb hunger—and cure a cold

Plain dried herbs like mint, lemon verbena, chamomile, fennel seed, and orange flower and liquorice root are widely available.

Sometimes traditional is better.

When it comes to food, the French are all about tradition and taste, not innovation or silver bullet solutions.

Here is a small list of the best French dishes
for every occasion which you definitely would like to try

Beef bourguignon

This hearty dish is like a sophisticated take on a classic stew. It features cuts of beef cooked in onions and wine with bouquet garni herbs and potato mash on the side.

A roast chicken delivery

French-style roast chicken is typically simply cooked in its own juices, perhaps with a little garlic, rosemary, lemon and thyme, and then served up with potatoes


Escargots is the French word for 'snails', and they are usually served as a starter dish with a sauce made of wine and garlic butter.


Interesting facts about French cuisine

Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients

Regional menus throughout France vary significantly by local culture and influences. They all have one thing in common—fresh, local ingredients from the herbs to the vegetables, and the fruits to the meats.

Respect for the Food

Another way that French cuisine differentiates itself is by respecting the food, whether it's an animal product or vegetable scraps. For example, there are some cuts which in some cultures would be only be thrown away.

Artful Attention to Detail

A beautiful garnish elevates a dish from something that is consumed to something that is experienced. Presentation helps you enjoy the dish before you open your mouth.


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